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Mike Nelson

I am often asked to describe what it is I do in this mysterious world of Information Technology (IT).

Children have a remarkable ability to distil details to their lowest common denominator as evidenced by an insightful interchange between my then five year old granddaughter and me when the issue of just exactly what it is her grandpa does for a living crossed her mind.

She asked, Grandpa, what do you do? , to which I replied, Honey, grandpa cleans up other people's messes. She immediately became indignant, as only a five year old can, and she asked, You mean other people are allowed to make messes and you have to clean them up? I answered, Yes and grandpa gets paid very, very well to clean up those messes, honey!

About Mike's IT Career

Mike Nelson is a senior Information Technology professional with more than two decades of experience providing IT solutions to Health Care Providers, Manufacturing Companies, Telecommunications Companies, Medical Institutions, Financial Service Organizations, Non-Profit Organizations and Global Services Firms.

Mike's strengths originate from the depth and diversity of his technical skills as well as his strong professional interpersonal skills. Technically, Mike has performed at the Global Enterprise Level as a Business and Systems Analyst, Process Architect, Software and Data Architect, Database Administrator, Configuration Management Specialist, and Developer across a variety of platforms including but not limited to IBM, Sun, Unisys, HP, UNIX, MS Windows, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 UDB, Visual Basic, ASP, Java/J2EE, Internet, distributed client-server networking, and many other technologies.

From a leadership perspective, Mike balances the need to accomplish project and business objectives with respect for the dignity of the team and the individuals that comprise it. He can mentor and lead teams at all levels from executive management to junior contributors because he has played all of these roles many times and he makes special efforts to build the trust necessary to work together effectively and efficiently. Mike is an excellent communicator and often finds himself bridging the communication gap between management and technical staff.

He also has long experience successfully interacting with executives of Fortune 500 companies at the C-Level. Mike's clientele frequently and repeatedly call on him to help solve their most challenging problems. He has routinely demonstrated the ability to change priorities based on business needs and to work independently in a highly complex environment.

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What others have said about Mike's work in IT

Mike's long career in IT is replete with success stories. Below you will find what clients, colleagues and friends have had to say about Mike's work in IT.

I have known Mike Nelson since spring 2006 and have found him to be capable, trustworthy and conscientious and would have no hesitation in recommending him for any position that may be on offer. I would recommend Mike as one who contributes greatly to the organization, beyond just his job description, in the manner in which he conducts himself and goes about his work. Mike co-managed an implementation project for our new Catering Portal software that over time is going to be used in 120 Gate Gourmet units world-wide. The project covers processes for the complex ordering by airlines for meals and services on board of aircraft. The portal interfaces with airline reservation systems as well as with our main ERP system SAP. Mike's strong performance results from his core skills listed below:

He is a born leader, pro-active and dynamic, strong willed and not easily discouraged. Mike is goal-oriented, sees the whole picture and seeks practical solutions. He delegates work well and he moves quickly to action. Basically he can run anything.

Wim Timmerman,
Director Business Applications,
Gate Gourmet International

Mike and I have worked together on two enterprise-wide consulting and development projects spanning the past several years. Mike's focus on maximizing working productivity to achieve big-picture deliverables on schedule and within budget has made him a tremendous asset to both his project teams and his clients.

Todd Albee,
Principal Consultant,

Hail and Farewell –It is with much sadness that we say goodbye to Mike Nelson.

No one can deny that Mike has done yeoman's duty steering the transformation of CxP into a functioning viable business application.  As the driving force and head cheerleader of the technical team, Mike has applied his no nonsense leadership style to shape the evolution of this application.

Some years ago I gave Mike the nickname of “Mad Dog” which I think is fitting because when he was either given an assignment or saw a problem he pounced onto it like a hungry dog jumping on a piece of raw meat and would not let go until the problem was solved.  If Mike was given an assignment you didn't have to worry, you knew it would get done.

It has been my pleasure to work with him twice now over the last 3 years and it has always been my pleasure to call him both a comrade and a friend, two characteristics quite unique in the modern business world that we all work in.

On behalf of the entire IT team I want to wish both Mike and his family well and good luck in the future, we will not soon forget your 3:30 am CxP conference calls.

Al Rude,
Gate Gourmet International

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