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Software Development changes every day. Here are some of the books I recommend anyone serious about 21st Century Software Development READ multiple times.

21st Century Enterprise Level Software Development

In order to participate in modern Enterprise IT Software Development, you must begin by assessing the chronic pain-points being experienced by software development efforts today. To help you gain that perspective, I recommend two business novels, The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Stafford.

I thought at first the idea of a "Business Novel" somewhat strange, but as you read these books you will realize that the frankness with which the authors address the REAL problems rampant in Enterprises today, fiction is the only viable route. While most readers will recognize their own organization in the stories, calling companies out by name is simply a non-starter in our litigious society.

Processes and procedures for 21st Century Software Development

Software Test Automation

Some of you already know I have been an IT (Information Technology) Professional, working at the Enterprise Level for decades now. I have been very blessed and I continue to really enjoy my work in the world of IT and if the Good Lord is willing, I look forward to many more years serving, professionally, in this arena.

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